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Girls’ Night Out
“Girls’ Night Out” was my first contribution to Horror City Radio. The idea was loosely based on Body Snatchers and Stargate with the concepts than an alien can come in take over a person’s brain. The twist to the story came about from a random “What If?” brainstorming session that basically went “What if the Goa’uld completely couldn’t hold their alcohol?”

Hybrid Species
To keep from revealing the antagonists of the story, I had to remove any reference to spider-goats in the title. One day, while we were chatting, a link came across my timeline called The Goats With Spider Genes and Silk in Their Milk. The story for Hybrid Species took the concepts from that article and asked the question “How could this go horribly wrong?”

The Revenge of Kitsune Maru
Kitsune Maru continued my pattern of writing entire stories based on click-bait science articles. The article in question this time was for a Japanese product that roughly translates to “Waifu in a Jar.” When I saw the Okaeri commercial, one question they didn’t answer is “Hey. What if you get an actual girlfriend? How does Waifu in a Jar react?” Over the course of about ten minutes, the concept turned into “This is the AI that will launch Skynet.”

Flores Muerte
For Flores Muerte, we started with some ideas about a mad-science storyline where due to a machine error, random objects were haunting people. The progression was, if random objects have souls now, then those souls have to have a good-ending and bad-ending resting place. For plants, the setting of a public park with a poison garden would make sense. Throw in some landscapers who have no idea about any of it and it makes for a pretty good mystery.

A Murder Most Fowl
Somewhat a sequel to Flores Muerte, two detectives are hunting down a chicken-possessed murderer bent on killing owners of chicken restaurants until procedure leads them to the source of the disturbances. This story has some of the hardest sound designs I’ve had to worth with, including destroying a building and Dr Mengele’s escape on a giant, jet-powered chicken.

Mango for Mayor
Mango for Mayor came about from a discussion about two local Memphis celebrities that like to run for mayor a lot, “Prince Mongo” and Jerry “The King” Lawler and what would happen if they were the only two running The plot centers around Baron von Mango, who sold his soul to win the election. He finds out that if he wins, the devil collects at the inauguration so he hatches a plan to torpedo his own election. While this was originally intended as a lampoon against Trump voters, it rings true even more now that the Republican party has tried to elect known pedophiles and card-carrying Nazis.

Sniffles the Christmas Pimp
What can I say about Sniffles the Christmas Pimp? The character’s name came around from when I was messing around with random costume pieces for a Christmas party. I didn’t really know where to take the story until I had a suggestion to make it a spoof on A Christmas Carol.

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